If you are looking a lawn mower for your yard, then this short guide helps you a lot to choose which lawn mower to buy but first, you need to know there are different types of lawn mowers are available in the market.

Lawn mowers range from the manually operated walk-behind machines to engine driven vehicles. The different types of lawn mowers vary in cost and according to their grass cutting capabilities.

To choose the right lawn mower, the do – it – yourself landscaper must compare the characteristics of each type of mower to the size of the lawn and the terrain of the yard. You can easily buy lawn mowers from these given websites. Homdepot.com | Amazon.com | Walmart.com

Reel lawn mowers

Reel mower:

The reel mower is a manually operated push mower. Reel mowers consisting of a waist high handle a set of two wheels and a wheel mounted set of blades.

The reel mowers blades run from the wheel, wheel forming a cylindrical shape. As a landscaper pushes the reel mower across a lawn, the cylindrical set of blades rapidly rotates to share through blades of grass.

A mechanism attached to one of the wheels increases the rotation speed of the blades, causing the set of blades to rotate faster than the wheels compared to other types of mowers, reel mowers require the most effort to operate.

Furthermore, reel mowers function properly only on smooth surfaces. However, because they lack engines and complex parts, reel mowers are generally the least expensive of all types of mowers.

Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Gas powered push mower:

The gas powered push mower employs an engine to dry the rotating blade. Gas – powered push mowers, also called gas rotary mowers, have four wheels, a body assembly, and a waist high handle.

The wheels attached to the side of the mowers body assembly and raised the assembly several inches above the ground.

The gas powered push mowers sharpened blade protrudes from the underside of the body assembly.

Most gas powered push mowers do not have electric ignitions; they start by a pull string. Once started, the mowers blade rapidly rotates and slices through the grass as the landscaper pushes the machine across the law.

Although gas powered push mowers are more substantial than real mowers, they quickly cut through tall clumps of grass and are suitable for uneven lawn surfaces.

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric push mower:

The electric push mower, also called an electric rotary mower consists of the same parts as the gas powered push mower. However, the electric push mowers engine uses electricity as fuel rather than gasoline.

Electric push mowers are generally capable of mowing the same types of terrain as gas push mowers. However, the electric push mowers electric motor is weaker than the gas push mowers internal combustion engine and often struggles to cut through extremely thick clumps of grass and weeds.

Riding mower:

Riding mowers are the most expensive and most capable of all types of lawn mowers. These machines look like tiny tractors and similar to push mowers, have a set of rotating blades mounted to the underside of their bodies. As implied by the machines name a cockpit rests upon the top side of the riding mower.

The riding mowers cockpit is complete with a seat, steering wheel, operational controls, and ignition. Riding mowers cut through all types of grass on all kinds of terrain additionally.

Riding mowers require the least physical effort to operate. However, riding mowers routinely cost several thousand dollars you.


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