Looking at the simple backyards landscaping ideas year after year can make you reluctant to spend any time in your backyard. But if you’re here, you’re probably ready to change that. The following backyard ideas will transform any space into a floral wonderland that will promote relaxation while also offering plenty of fun activities.

Simple Backyards Landscaping Ideas That Will Allow You to Make the Most of Your Backyard

Work in Segments But Make Them Flow

If you don’t know where to start, it might help to create a landscape design that separates different areas in the yard. There are plenty of backyard layout ideas you could use if you happen to find one online that roughly corresponds to the shape of your yard. The first area you’ll want to define is going to be the hangout spot or a striking standout element like a fountain or a fire pit. After that, planning the other features should be easy enough.

Using different flooring in various sections of your garden can help you visually distinguish between different areas. In addition to the flooring, you can also direct visitors’ eyes by strategically positioning planters and other features.

Try not to use too many materials, though. That can make the space appear chaotic and not meticulously planned. Instead, draw inspiration from the architecture of your house and incorporate the elements and colors you see there into your garden.

easy backyard landscaping ideas

Design an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

If you want to make your backyard functional as well as recreational, you should set aside a dining area too. The table and chairs can be an excellent way to express your style. You could either go for a natural look with a rough wooden table and salvaged tree trunks for stools. Alternatively, you can make everything look industrial and minimalist with metal or plastic furniture.

In addition to the furniture, you could also add outdoor kitchen or bar areas close by. This is where you can bring in a standard barbeque or even a pizza oven. Depending on the backyard design templates you’re using, these additions can be as stripped down or as extravagant as you make them.

Dive Into the Vegetation

Putting all your attention on furniture is one of the biggest mistakes you could make with your landscaping project. Having a sitting area is important, but the main purpose of a backyard is to bring you closer to nature. So don’t be afraid to bring different shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables into the mix.

If you look at cottage-inspired outdoor living space ideas, you’ll see how well those living elements will mesh with the manmade parts of the environment. For example, if you have a sitting area or even a solitary swing sofa, you could easily build a lovely wooden trellis over it. If you plant a Wisteria tree next to it, it’ll be in full bloom by next spring. Just imagine the photos you’ll take when that comes about!

Spice It Up With Handmade Projects

The Internet is full of small and simple backyard landscaping ideas that will inspire you to make all sorts of tiny handmade projects. If you have a lot of ceramic planting pots, one of them is bound to break sooner or later. When it does, you can transform it into a lovely fairy garden with different shrubs, ceramic mushroom decorations, and your imagination!

Of course, if you’re looking for backyard landscaping ideas for small yards, you might appreciate more practical tips. Well, if you still want to have a functioning garden, having raised garden beds for various vegetables might help. Alternatively, you could make vertical gardens by attaching planting pots to wooden shipping pallets and hanging them up on walls.

Set Up a Tent, Yurt, or Gazebo

If you don’t already have any kind of protection from the elements in your yard, there are several outdoor space ideas you could incorporate into your backyard landscaping designs. Setting up a large tent, yurt, or gazebo should be relatively easy. Admittedly, building a yurt or gazebo might take some effort — but a tent can be ready-made. Alternatively, you could make a custom one out of PVC pipes and waterproof fabric.

Either way, you’ll be able to use this extra room for camping, pool equipment, or even casual hangouts. If you want to make the space homey, hang up a hammock and throw down some rugs and pillows.

Spruce Up the Shed

If you have an existing shed that’s fallen into disrepair, it may be time to spruce it up a bit. Even just sanding down and repainting the outside walls will be enough to bring it back to life and make it fit into the yard again. Alternatively, if you have more resources, you could turn it into an art studio or a home office.

Leave Room for Outdoor Games

If you end up using the shed for its intended purpose, you could rearrange the gardening tools to make room for bowling or badminton equipment. When your garden starts taking shape, you’ll start getting all sorts of outdoor entertainment ideas. Just make sure you have enough space for the activities you want to include and try them out with all your friends and family!

Build an In-Ground Swimming Pool

Not all small and large backyard landscaping ideas require an equally massive budget — but this one does! If you’re going to get an in-ground swimming pool, you might as well commit to the idea. Add a slide and some floats for your kids, and an outdoor shower to rinse out the chlorine when you come out.

simple backyards landscaping ideas

If You Have a Small Backyard — Add a Fountain

But what if you want to include a water element but you don’t have space or budget to pull off a swimming pool or even a koi pond? In that case, you could get a lively fountain! If nothing else, the sound of bubbling water will probably reduce your stress levels.

Build a Tree House or an Elevated Deck

If you want to expand a small backyard, you could always look up. And don’t think that you need to have kids to justify building a treehouse. An elevated platform like that can be a perfectly whimsical addition to any landscaping project.

Add the Finishing Touches

When you finish setting up all your outdoor garden ideas, play around with the lighting! First things first, think about what kind of lighting will fit in with the rest of your outdoor decor. Some gardens look their best in dazzlingly bright lighting while others would benefit from dim, twinkling lights.

Once you learn how to plan unique and simple backyards landscaping ideas, you’ll be able to switch up your arrangement whenever you feel like it! So experiment with different design templates! Even if you don’t have a big budget for it, you could always incorporate some homemade projects.

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