A common question that I get on my blog articles is how I achieve such good stripes in my yard so today I will give you a few lawn stripping techniques, tips, and tricks on how I maximize the strips in my yard. Before I start, first take a look at my yard.

lawn stripping techniques

What is Stripping?

Person foremost striping requires no special equipment or skills, although specific equipment can undoubtedly make the stripes more defined.

Striping is achieved by merely bending the grass in different directions so that it reflects light to our eyes, making it look lighter or darker depending on the direction that we turned it.

Grass Type:

Some grass types will strike better than others, I have cool-season grass, and this is especially nice for striping. Those of you with warm-season grasses you may find it a little more challenging to achieve well-defined stripes in your lawn.

lawn striping patterns

Grass Thickness:

Thicker your lawn, the better define your stripes will be. It’s still possible to stripe a thinner lawn, but your best looking stripes will come from a lawn that is as thick as carpet.

thick lawn grass

Grass Height:

The higher that we cut the grass, the more we can bend the blades over and reflect light. I cut my grass around 2 and 3/4 inches in the spring and fall and up to 3 and 1/2 inches in the summer; this tall grass helps our stripes as well.

Mower Types and Accessories:

It is the fact that some mowers will stripe better than others, but you can also look at some equipment to add to your mower that can help you achieve better striping.

Look for anything with a little bit of weight to it that you can pull behind your mower to lay those blades of grass down as you pass over them.

Some mowers come with rollers behind the deck, or you can purchase a roller that attaches to the back of your mower, this is often called a striping kit. My mower has no striping kit of any kind and makes its stripes from the flap behind the deck.

lawn striping kit

Most likely if you have a push mower yours has a flap-like this too here’s a shot of my front yard stripe with a cheap push mower that you could get anywhere. So there’s proof, there’s no special equipment needed to get stripes in your yard.

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Practice Straight Lines:

Practice makes perfect, and it takes practice to learn your equipment and to learn to achieve the straightest lines possible. starting in the corner of your yard with the first stripe can help you make a straight, first pass and then you can continue the stripes from there.

Double Cutting:

One final tip that, I’ve derived from personal experiences that I seem to get the best stripes when I double cut my lawn this means that I’ve cut the yard once and then I will often go over the same area again at an angle to my original stripes and pattern sometimes.

Lawn stripping patterns

I’ll also lower the deck a quarter of an inch for the second pass not only does this lead great stripes but it helps to make my lawn look completely flat and just carpet-like as possible.

So there you have it a few lawn stripping techniques and tips to help you achieve the best stripes in your yard if you have any questions please leave me a comment in the comment section below.

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