Pandemic has completely changed the way we live and buy various services. People want every service on their doorsteps in order to stay uninfected from the deadly virus.

On-demand service apps got an unimaginable boost amid the COVID pandemic. One such service that observed a rise in this situation was the on-demand lawn care business. Be it any part of the world, lawn mowing is an essential need.

Though, many problems were faced by the customers during the pandemic for a traditional lawn care service. And, this has led to an increase in the traffic for online lawn mowing services.

So, do you have a traditional lawn care business, or planning for a similar startup? This article will cover the important aspects of on-demand lawn care development.

Let’s get started!

How Does a Lawn Care App Works?

The working of the Uber for Lawn Care app is quite simple. The process goes like this – the customer needs to log in and feel the necessary details about the property. Later, they will get a service code based on the property details shared.

Once the quote is confirmed by the customer, further details are shared with the nearest contractor. The app will also share the estimated time of the lawn mowing process and service status. After completing the job, customers get an option to either pay online or offline for the service.

As the last step, customers need to share the reviews and ratings for the services. So, that’s all for the working process of the on-demand lawn care app.

Now let’s go through the process of developing an app like Uber for Lawn Care.

How to Build An On-Demand Lawn Care App?

Basically, there are two ways to create an app like Uber for lawn care. You can either buy the clone solution or develop an app from the scratch. If you’re looking for a faster app launch, then opting for a clone solution will be an ideal choice for you. Though, a few important features that you must include in your lawn care app are as mentioned below.

User App

User Login: Users can either register manually or log in through social media.

Service Category: Different types of service categories are made available so that users can choose the service based on their niche.

Booking Services: Users can schedule the lawn mowing at their convenience.

Cost Calculator: Give an estimated cost of lawn mowing to your customers.

Real-Time Booking Status: Know the status of active bookings, and receive notifications for the same.

In-App Chat: The users can directly get in touch with the professionals in case of any queries.

Payment Options: Offer your users multiple payment options.

Reviews & Ratings: Users can rate the services and provide feedback for the same.

Service Provider App

Profile Management: Registration is done with the necessary details of the professionals to work on further process.

Availability: The professionals have an option to make themselves online/offline at their convenience.

GPS Navigation: Professionals can reach the destination with the help of navigation.

Order Management: Check the order status, and take further actions accordingly.

Accept or Reject: Professionals have an option to either accept or reject the request.

Work Reports: Get every bit of details about the work done till this date.

Track Payments: Professionals can add the account details, and track the payment further.

Admin Panel

Bird’s View: Track every activity of your business through the dashboard.

Job Tracking: Know the status of every current job in real-time.

Manage Customers: Admin can add or remove the customers and manage their details shared.

Promo codes & Referrals: Enables admin to run or add promotional offers and other referrals to the app.

Feedback Management: Check on the reviews and take necessary action on the negative reviews.

Password Reset: On the user request, the admin is able to change the password.

Commission Step Up: Set the commission rate based on the regions, service types, fares, and more.

Payment Management: Manage all the transactions that have taken place in a day, week, or month.

Benefits of On-Demand Lawn Care Business

By going digital, you can reach a larger audience base in your targeted areas. Besides, you can increase the revenue and ease the whole management process.

With an on-demand lawn care app, you can customize the services as per your convenience whenever needed. There is huge scalability in the online lawn care business, wherein you can remove or add services as per your requirements. Seamlessly take the feedback of the customers, and make further changes accordingly.

The Concluding Part

So, that all show the importance of the online lawn care business in order to stay competitive in the market. The only thing you need to make sure of here is choosing a leading software development company in order to make your lawn care app successful.

We would suggest you make a list of the top app development companies and choose the one which suits best to your requirements.

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