In this article, we will discuss the best self propelled lawn mowers under $300, $400 that you can get your hands on within the range. You will also learn the pros and cons of each mower, their performance, stability, and the things you should consider when getting one for your lawn.

Owning a big beautiful lawn may look lovely to everyone, but taking care of your lawn is one of the most important tasks that every lawn owner has to deal with. Especially, in the summers when the grass begins to grow faster and you need to slice them off to maintain its beauty.

At this time, to get this job done what you’ll be looking for is a reliable self propelled lawn mower, because you are not going to spend your hours and a lot of energy pushing your mower all the way, right?

What things should consider when buying the best self propelled lawn mower under $300?

If you are in a search of a reliable and self propelled lawn mower that is budget-friendly, you need to take a few things into consideration. Doing this won’t just save your time and money, but also prevent you to regret later.

Make sure that you’re picking a good brand that has a proven record, a few amazing features, and a decent warranty. Now, obviously there are a lot of new brands but we don’t know if they are stable or not or if we can get their spare parts or support without any problem.

If you’re buying a lawn mower for the first time, the first thing you need to decide is whether you need an electric or gas-powered self propelled lawn mower.

Well, it totally depends on the size and structure of your lawn, the length of grass that you need to cut, and how frequently you have to mow the terrain.

Quick Summary

Greenworks MO40L02Greenworks MO40L02Comes with Durable Batteries
Great and Advanced Features
Perfect Choice For Large Gardens
Sun Joe MJ401CSun Joe MJ401CAffordable for everyone
Noiseless Mower
Ideal For Small lawns
Greenworks PROGreenworks PROCompact Design
Perfect For Small Yards
Good Efficiency
Lawn-Boy 17732Lawn Boy 17732Self-Propel
Tri-Cut System
3-in-1 Discharge ability
Sun Joe iON16LMSun Joe iON16LMAffordable for everyone
Noiseless Mower
Ideal For Small lawns
Compact Design
Easy to operate
Greenworks 25322Greenworks 21-Inch 40VLight weight (32-Lbs)
Easy to operate
2-in-1 Design
WORX WG779WORX WG779 40VPerfect For Small Lawn
Compact Design
Small Size
Light Weight
PowerSmart DB2321SPowerSmart DB2321SAffordable Price
Magnificent Engine
Perfect For small Gardens
Husqvarna L121FHHusqvarna L121FH 21-InchPerfect for big and Flat yards
Makes Noise
Powerful Engine

Types of Self Propelled Lawn Mowers:

There was a time when people used to mow down their yards with manual rowers, which were no doubt comparatively less expensive, environment-friendly, and low maintenance. But pushing a manual lawn mower that weighs around 40-60 pounds through grass can be exhausting and needs a lot of your energy.

Therefore, if you have a big yard, then choosing a self propelled lawn mower is always a good decision to spend your money on. These mowers can be of the front-, or back wheel-drive models.

Front-wheel-drive models are designed to mow the flat lawns, they are very easy to work with and permit you to turn the mower in any direction by simply lifting the front wheels off the ground. Whereas, the back-wheel-drive models are specially designed to provide a better grip while mowing the lawns which are on slopes. These self propelled lawn mowers are of two types: Gas-powered, and electric powered and it’s better to do a little research about each type to make a good decision.

1. Self Propelled Electric Powered Lawn Mower:

Mowing the lawn is a task that usually is frowned upon. Since, it’s messy, noisy and takes a lot of human effort. But, not anymore!

Thankfully, Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers are there to help rid us of the hardships of lawn mowing. Electric mowers are comparatively lightweight, environmentally friendly and, comparatively smaller than the gas-powered lawn mowers which mean they can easily be stored inside the house. But remember, having an electric mower has its cons as well. Its smaller size makes the grass catcher fill up quickly, you have to recharge the batteries frequently, and there’s also a potential for an electric shock.

2. Self Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower:

If we compare to the previous models, the quality of Gas-powered lawn mowers has improved throughout the years. And, If you’re okay with loud noise and the emissions that it exhaust then it is your best bet because gas mowers can cut the toughest grass because of its higher torque.

Gas mowers are comparatively less expensive, durable, and run quite while which gives you the opportunity to even mow down the slopes and uneven terrain because you don’t have to charge it as we do with electric mowers. The negative thing about a gas mower is that they are heavier and bigger in size, and its gas engine makes a loud noise of 100 decibels and emits toxic gases. Normally, gas mowers last longer if you maintain it over time and change engine oil frequently.

10 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Under $300, $400

1. Greenworks MO40L02  (Top Rated Self Propelled Lawn Mower Under 300)

Greenworks MO40L02  (Top Rated Self Propelled Lawn Mower Under 300)Next in our list is Greenworks 40V Self Propelled Lawn Mower which is a 20-inch lawnmower which is a lot bigger than a lot of electric lawnmowers out there but it’s about the same size as your standard gas lawnmower. This machine also comes with the 3-in-1 facility, where you can put a little mulching attachment in the back that it comes with, so it can just mulch your lawn or you can use the grass bag to store it and then dump it later, and also a side release option, with all these three options you get the better productivity

It accompanies a convenient lever height adjustment that can cut the grass of up to 3.75-inches. You are getting such versatility at this low price, this shouldn’t be avoided!

This Mower also features a variable speed function, which basically gives it more power if you’re cutting thick grass or mowing a rough terrain, and automatically slows it down to save the power, when the grass is low.

This mower is very easy to operate, and you can start it by just holding it on the power button, then pull the lever, it would take 2-3 seconds to start, without making such noise that you get with your Gas-powered mowers.

It comes with a battery storage compartment, where you can store another battery for backup, but if you have a small yard, then only one battery is enough for you.

It’s not a small mower, and also not very big, and as it’s not a gas, you can easily store it inside your house by folding its handle and leaning against the wall vertically, which is not going to cause any problem with the mower. It can be as good as your gas-powered mower and in some ways even much better because it’s lighter it’s quieter and you don’t have to breathe that stinky and toxic exhaust smell.

So with all these awesome features, at this minimal price, this lawn-mower is a great take for your small lawn, because it’s not gas, means no maintenance, and the important thing is that it’s cordless, that gives you the freedom of cutting grass on rough grounds.


  • Affordable
  • Compact Design
  • Perfect For Small Yards
  • Good Efficiency
  • 3-in-1 Mulching Capability
  • Easy To Operate
  • Easy Storage
  • Dual Battery Ports
  • Makes No Noise
  • Seven Heights Adjustment
  • Low Battery runtime.
  • Not suitable for bigger lawns

2. Sun Joe MJ401C (Best Budget Self Propelled Mower)

Sun Joe MJ401C (Best Budget Self Propelled Mower)If you have a lawn that is not even an acre, and you are looking for a mower at a cheap price, this might be the perfect mower for you. Ditch the gas and cord, and buy this SunJoe MJ401C cordless lawn mower which is the best selling cordless mower of SunJoe.

It comes with a 28 Volt rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that gives you the run time of up 25-minutes, which is enough for small-size lawns, and if you need more battery, then we have a piece of good news for you that its Lithium-Ion battery charges 70% faster than other traditional batteries.

With this mower, you don’t have to deal with gas emissions,  oil-tune-ups, or tangled cords. Just charge it once and start mowing your lawn with its instant start feature that makes it effortless to start and maintain.

This mower comes with a 10.6 gal detachable grass catcher through which you can dispose of clippings easily. Its tough steel blade can cut a thick 14″ wide path with accuracy in a single pass, and gives you the option of 3-position manual height control to alter your height depending on your grass length. It comes with a built-in push-button that shows the battery level and tells you when its fully charged, and a removable safety key is also there for your safety that prevents accidental starts.


  • Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Perfect For Small Yards
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Light Weight
  • Noiseless
  • 10.6 gal grass bag
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • The battery runs for only 20-Minutes

3. Greenworks PRO (Best Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower under 300)

Greenworks PRO (Best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower under 300)This 80V Cordless Pro 21-Inch Lawn Mower is specially designed for those individuals who have big yards with a fair amount of lawn. This mower by Greenworks comes with a 10-Inch rear-wheel and a 20-Inch blade that can mow down the grass quickly and proficiently. It’s innovative Smart Cut(TM) Load sensing technology makes the blades perform faster if the grass is tougher and needs more power.

The batteries (GBA80200, GBA80400) run up to one hour depending on the grass condition and the operator’s style of cutting, which means it’s an ideal self propelled mower to operate on the bigger lawns.

The best thing about this mower is that it accompanies a digitally controlled brushless motor which gives you the power equivalent to that of a 160cc gas engine which gives an amazing mowing ability.

This machine comes with three different cutting options, which side discharge, mulching, and also has grass catcher capability.  Now it depends on the length of your lawn or how frequently you mow it.

Usually, mulching is preferred for larger lawns, because it helps in improving the fertility of the soil by keeping it warm in winters and cool in summers. But it won’t work if the length of the grass is long and is only recommended when you chop off your grass frequently. You will get a mulching plug, a grass catcher bag, and a side discharge chute in a box when buying this mower. So you got all the three options available and you can choose whichever suits you.


  • Comes with Durable Batteries
  • Great and Advanced Features
  • Perfect Choice For Large Gardens
  • Great Battery runtime
  • Powerful Motor
  • Can easily chop thick or wet grass
  • Solidly built for good durability
  • Comes with a decent warranty
  • Large 10 Inch wheels
  • A little expensive
  • Not Self Propelled

4. Lawn-Boy 17732 (Cheap Self Propelled Push Mower)

Lawn-Boy 17732 (Cheap self propelled push mower)Next on the list, we have this well-built, smart-looking 21-inch Lawn-Boy Self Propelled Mower that could be a perfect choice for you, if you own hilly lawns.  As this mower is a rear-wheel drive, it provides better traction when mowing your upslope lawns.

One of the reasons that this Lawn Mower has been an all-time favorite of most of the lawn owners is that it has easy to operate features with a 149 CC Kohler XTX Engine that brings lawn-care to a whole new level with a top-notch cutting experience. Its engine is structured in a way that you can cut thick chambers of grass smoothly on rough terrains because its engine runs around 2800 RPM which is beyond amazing.

Like other models of Lawn-boy, this mower also comes with 3-1 discharge capability and you can use all three options (side release, bagging, or mulching) according to your needs very easily. Its grass storing bag is large enough to carry the grass of a big lawn, so you don’t have to take breaks to dump your grass twice and can empty the bag quicker and less often.  You can also alter the deck height anytime at 2 points depending on the length of your grass.

It accompanies a comfortable handle that yields a pull string that starts the engine that generally starts on the first or second pull and customers appear to find zero faults in this regard even after the usage for quite a while. And if you get any problem with that, you still don’t have to worry about it, because the company provides 3 Years of Tru-start guarantee and will fix it free of cost.

the overall performance of this machine is acceptable and if you have a hilly lawn, with various sorts and sizes of grass, then this mower is what you’re searching for.

If you buy this Lawn-Boy machine you get a warranty of two years, which sounds very great and worth checking out.

Key features

  • Self-Propel
  • Tri-Cut System
  • 3-in-1 Discharge ability
  • Noisy as for being gas controlled

5. Sun Joe iON16LM (Best Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower)

Sun Joe iON16LM (Best Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower)As this article is all about the best lawn mowers, we would recommend you to check out this machine by SunJoe. It’s another ideal  Mower designed for small and mid-sized yards and comes with an iON16LM engine that starts simply with a push of a button. This cordless mower is built with a magnificent 600W brushless engine for expanded battery effectiveness.

Apart from its powerful engine, It features front and rear wheels that are suitable for all-terrain, and make it simple to move in tight spaces. With this mower, you have given the opportunity to adjust the cutting height of grass with the single handle 6-position height adjustment lever, which tailors its cutting heights up to 3. 15 inches.

For cutting capability, it accompanies a 9.25-gallon grass bag that you can detach very easily to discard grass clippings. It also features a volume indicator mechanism that controls a small cover that remains open during the mowing process and when the bag is full, closes off so you know that now is the perfect time to dump the collected grass clippings.

Due to its effective 40V battery, you can have 45 minutes of lawn mowing experience with almost no noise. Now, this sounds quite good. No?

Now, if we talk about the cutting blade, it has a very sharp 21-inch durable steel blade which can cut a 3.15 inch of grass at one pass.  Although,  It doesn’t give you the option of side discharge, but still with these unique features,  buying this mower to take care of your lawn can be your best decision.

This machine by Sunjoe comes with numerous features and is very easy to operate because you don’t have to deal with any maintenance, oil, tune-ups, tangled extension cords, or any harmful gas outflows. So, with all these features and both ETL and Energy Star approved, alongside a 2-year  warranty of the mower itself, this mower is a perfect choice for your lawn.


  • Affordable for everyone
  • Noiseless Mower
  • Ideal For Small lawns
  • Zero Noise
  • 600W brushless motor
  • 6 cutting heights Option Available
  • The grass bag has a volume indicator system
  • ETL and Energy Star approved
  • No side release
  • Only Two Years Warranty
  • A plastic-made body that can break easily if someone stands on it accidentally

5. BLACK+DECKER CM1640 (Best Cordless Lawn Mower)

BLACK+DECKER (Best Cordless Lawn Mower)Initially, let me introduce you to Black & Decker, which is setting the standards of innovation and technology of all the lawn-care tools, since 1910. This reliable and smart looking machine, Black & Decker’s Cordless Lawn Mower is intended for cutting the grass effectively, and because it’s cordless and you feel the extra freedom and comfort while mowing your lawn. It is ideal for mid-sized lawns up to  1/8 of acres.

This CM1640 small-sized lawn Mower weighs just 38 pounds, easy to use and provides a great mowing experience with less effort.  It contains Black & Decker made 40V lithium-ion battery system that provides 33% increased battery performance on a single charge, and it can give up to thirty minutes of run time(depending on the operator).

You can start this Cordless Lawnmower easily by a simple push-button, it’s totally hassle-free to use and you don’t need to deal with any gas engine maintenance or tangled cords.

Talking about its cutting performance, it features a cutting height of 1-3 inches that you can modify as per your grass height with a handy single lever adjustment. The motor takes a smooth beginning and tackles messy terrains or thick grass efficiently.

If you buy this 16-inch Cordless Lawn Mower, you get the two powerful batteries of 40-volts (LBXR2040), a charger (LCS63), and a manual operation instructions handbook.

Thus, if you have a small yard, and you frequently mow your lawn then this lightweight is what you need to check out because it has all the features that a Perfect mower should have, be its powerful engine, 3-in-1 cutting options, durable batteries, or its top-notch cutting performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to operate
  • Large 9.5gallon Grass Box
  • Improved Performance
  • Perfect for small yards
  • Plastic Deck
  • The battery runs out after 35 minutes max
  • Only Two Years Warranty

7. Greenworks 25322 (Editor Choice Best Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower under 300)

Greenworks (Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower)In last, we have one of the most popular and record-breaking most loved lawn mowers of the lawn owners. This 25322 G MAX 40V mower has the power and performance to mow your lawn with more effectiveness. This mower is ideal for you if you own a mid-size lawn because it accompanies a 40V Lithium-Ion battery that gives you the run time of about 40 minutes.  You can mow your lawn easily in a single charge. Isn’t it good?

When cutting your grass from this mower, you don’t need to deal with the wires, oil tune-ups, gas emissions, or any loud sound. All you have to do is just charge its 40V battery once, and start mowing without taking any breaks.

There’s a reason why this mower is favorite of most of the gardeners because it has a compact body that is specially designed to get your yard fit as a fiddle. Its sharp blades can cut the thick grass in a 16-Inch width, which isn’t generally good if we compare it to other mowers.

There are no cords in it, and you can start it with a single push-able button, and its foam-grim handle makes it more comfortable to operate.  If you have to alter the height, you get a single-handle height adjustment lever from which you can easily change the height up-to five points.

If we talk about its cutting capability, its 2-in-1 design gives you two different choices, mulch or bag the grass clippings, and when you are finished with your job, you can undoubtedly overlap its handle and store it vertically anyplace in your home.

This mower can easily handle the messy or uneven lawns since it has a 7-inch rear wheel which is very stable and helps to make a strong grip on hilly terrains.

Now that you know all of the features of this mower, I am certain you likely get the idea why this mower is most loved among the gardeners.


  • Lightweight (32-Lbs)
  • Easy to operate
  • 2-in-1 Design
  • The powerful battery that gives 40-Mins of runtime
  • Five Height Adjustments
  • 7-Inch Rear Wheel
  • Foam-grip handle
  • Small 16-Inch Cutting Deck

8. WORX WG779 (Best Self Propelled Mowers Under 300)

WORX WG779 (Best Self propelled mower under 300)Next in our list, we have this WG779C Cordless Lawn Mower by WORX, which is one of the best selling mowers in the UK, and USA. And a great choice for you if you have a small or mid-size lawn and you don’t frequently mow it.

Now you’ll be thinking that how good is it? Whether should I buy this or not? Don’t worry, you will get every single detail of this mower right below, that can also help you in the process of decision making to buy a lawnmower.

Since the WORX needed to standardize batteries over the range of all of their cordless gardening tools. They introduced WG779C to replace its previous model, and the only difference between them is that it uses two batteries of 20V instead of one 40V battery, that mows up to 5,500 square feet with a single charge.

The Charge indicators, built directly on the batteries, tell you how much cut you have left to go, and you can easily charge them again in only 60 minutes to mow down again.

This compact mower is indeed packed with various top-notch features that you get only in those expensive higher-end lawnmowers. It has very comfortable foam padded handles for easy grip while cutting the grass. But it only provides 2-in-1 cutting alternatives, which are mulching, rear grass bag, and discharge. The grass bag features a volume indicator, which tells you when the grass bag is full, so you can dump it through a convey handle without any problem.

It’s patented intellect technology provides additional torque and delivers performance with respect to your grass size, and thickness, and utilizes extra battery power only when you need it, and with its height adjusting lever, you can change its height as per your grass size to get more efficient results.

Moreover, this 21-inch lawnmower gives you the option of easy storage by just folding its handle and placing it vertically anywhere in your house.


  • Perfect For Small Lawns
  • Compact Design
  • Small Size
  • Light Weight
  • INTELLICUT Technology
  • Volume Indicator
  • Large Grass Bag
  • Plastic Deck
  • No side discharge Option

9. PowerSmart DB2321S (Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower under 300)

PowerSmart DB2321S Lawn MowerIf you’re looking for an inexpensive way to care for your lawn this summer then this Gas-powered self propelled lawn mower by PowerSmart ought to be in your yard. Its incredible 161 CC engine is structured in a way that it doesn’t require Priming or choking, you just have to pull and mow your lawn.

If we compare, this DB2321S Lawn Mower runs smoother, cleaner, and quieter while delivering more torque than other conventional designs. The active rear-wheel drive and its magnificent engine gives excellent power and improved traction to tackle both the slightly wet grass and the messy slopes.

Like others, this mower also comes with an adaptable three-way deck, that gives you the various alternatives for mulching, bagging, or side release of your grass clippings to get the job done fast. It accompanies a large grass catcher which means you can mow your lawn effectively at once and can dump the chopped grass later, without taking breaks.

Its open-frame design simplifies placement and removal of the grass bag, whereas it also features a built-in adaptor inside that automatically converts this mower from bagging to mulching mode, and its mulching blade helps to re-cut the grass clipping into tiny particles. These small particles of grass help to transfer key nutrients into the soil of your lawn with the help of microorganisms.

It has a dual lever that makes it easy to adjust the deck to five different cutting heights, with the goal that you can cut excess grass or weeds effectively as per your needs. Now you’ll be thinking about how hard it would be to push this mower. Well, it has eight-inch rear wheels, which are covered with tracks that guarantee a decent hold, and makes it exceptionally simple to push and cut around your yard.


  • Affordable Price
  • Magnificent Engine
  • Perfect For Small Gardens
  • Powerful Engine
  • 3-1 Designed Mower
  • Strong Metal Deck
  • Coated Deck to prevent rusting.
  • Five different cutting heights option
  • 8-inch rear wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for bigger yards

10. Husqvarna L121FH (Best FWD  Walk Behind Lawn Mower under 300)

Husqvarna L121FH Walk Behind Lawn MowerWhen it comes to providing commercial and residential gardening, Husqvarna is an exceptionally old name in providing gardening solutions through its quality products. Therefore, the next Lawnmower that we would be reviewing is Husqvarna L121FH, FWD Walk-behind Lawn Mower.

This machine by Husqvarna comes with a powerful 149CC Kohler engine that is fitted with a top-quality composite material that is small, lightweight and gives an extra performance which is beyond amazing.

It supports all of the three cutting options, that a perfect mover should have, which are mulch, side release, and bagging. The 21-Inch stainless steel deck can easily slice off thick grass with its sharp blades. Its single-handle height adjustment lever gives you the option of changing cutting heights of four points depending on the length of your grass, and you can cut grass up to 3.44 inches.

The grass bag and side release chute can easily be removed but if you are using side discharge then you need to wear boots since when you will begin cutting, it first showers the grass back, and following a couple of moments it will release from the sides.

This mower is perfect for flat lawns because it is a front-wheel drive, but you can also use it for hilly or sloppy lawns because it has an 8-Inch rear-wheel with powerful steering capacity. In addition to it, a soft grip on its handles makes mowing very comfortable and prevents any hand fatigue.

One of its plus points is that this lawnmower is easy to store in any tight place because the top part of its handle allows you to collapse it and the bottom part slid over slightly for easy storage.

This mower can be assembled easily and comes with a free oil to put it in its engine, but one of the negative points of this mower is that produces loud noise, but if you are okay with, then with all these features, this mower by Husqvarna ought to be in your lawn today.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for big and Flat yards
  • Makes Noise
  • Powerful Engine
  • Lightweight
  • Four-cutting heights adjustment
  • 3-in-1 mulching capability
  • Easy storage
  • Powerful 149CC Kohler Engine
  • 21-Inch Steel Deck
  • Loud Noise
  • The grass is sprayed on foot for quite a while when picked the side release

Final Verdict on Best Lawn Mowers Under 300:

Coming to the Final verdict, In this article, you’ve found out pretty much all the upsides and downsides of the 10 best self propelled lawn mowers under $300, $400 that you can purchase easily by going to the links which I mentioned. The most important thing you need to consider while getting a Lawn Mower for your yard is to ensure what you truly need, a Gas or Electric?

We have already discussed the features and all the necessary information about each type in this article.

Though, if you keep in mind all the instructions and key features of each Lawnmower that we have written for you in this article, you will find a good and reliable one as per your lawn requirements.

So you finally have all the helpful data and knowledge about the features that you should look at when buying an affordable mower.  Now you would be thinking where to buy these mowers from? Well, we got you there! You don’t have to stress over anything. You can simply check prices and reviews from our site, and pick the one that suits you.

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