Bad boy mowers, is one of the fastest-growing zero-turn mower company in the market. They have their manufacturing facility located in Arkansas and its best known for being one of the most advanced and latest tech manufacturing facilities in the gardening equipment industry. Each zero turn mower that leaves from its manufacturing unit, undergoes more than hundreds inspection point process that gives you a more reliable and precise mower straight out from the manufacturing unit. Bad Boys has its manufacturing units in the United States which are also one of the main reasons for its top-notch quality, here is the official website. So let’s go further and review the top five of the Bad Boy Mower Reviews with its pros and cons and detailed features so that you can make a better decision, before spending your money on it.

Quick Summary

Bad Boy Rogue MowerBad Boy Rogue Mower5 Different Engine Options
Advanced power coating
Six Anti-scalped Wheels
Troy Bilt Neighborhood RiderZT EliteAdvanced Power coating
Durable Steel Body
Heat-treated Blades
Greenworks PRORebelDurable Steel Body
Sophisticated Powder Coating
More Cutting Width
Troy Bilt 540ccMZ MagnumSolid construction
Easy to operate
Comfortable Seats
Greenworks 16In 40VRenegadeDurable Steel Body
Comfortable Seat
Premium powered-coating

5 Top Best Bad Boy Mower Reviews

1. Bad Boy Rogue Mower Reviews

Bad Boy Rogue Mower Reviews

So first in our list, we have Bad Boy Rogue Mower, it has a patented dual deck support isolators which improves strengths on all the sides of the mower. With this mower, we also get a patented front I-Beam suspension rail, which is no doubt the only of its kind and the thickest, and durable suspension rail in the industry. It has a 1.5″ by 3″ heavy-gauge steel backbone. One thing that you would notice in all bad boys’ products that how efficiently they cover back and the bottom of the engine to protect it.
Bad Boy Rogue is coated with an orange color which is not just for its looks but it actually symbolizes the most advanced powder coating in the industry. So with it, you don’t have to worry about the scratches on the body of your mower. Another thing that is significant about this machine is that it accompanies a three-link suspension system that allows you to cut the grass on more tough terrain, which no other mower in the market gives you.

This mower is perfect for you if you have different variations of lands to mow and to make it easy the company gives you the option to choose between five different powerful engines according to your requirement and budget. The bigger the engine, the more it’s going to cost you. Although, the company also provides a lighter engine of 27HP. It comes with a 13-gallon fuel tank, and a dual hydrostatic transmission to give you more value. This Rogue mower is equipped with a 90-degree v-twin-cylinder, which gives a max torque of 45Lbs per foot with an RPM rating of around 2400. This mower has the power to run 13 miles per hour so you can cut the grass more efficiently with very little time, and human effort with its heat-treated blades.
For its engine maintenance, you get the easy, and replaceable filter on the back, so literally you can just take the filter off and replace it within seconds. You also get a hose that is going to make it easier for you to drain and change the oil frequently. So when you’re working with this mower you just have to adjust a few things, and then everything is going to be easy to get, and you can use it to mow your lands.

  • 13-Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Advanced power coating
  • Durable Steel Body
  • V-Twin Cylinder
  • I-Beam Suspension rail.
  • 5 Different Engine Options
  • Six Anti-scalped Wheels
  • Heat-treated Blades
  • A Bit Expensive
  • Complaints on Customer service

2. Bad Boy ZT Elite Zero-Turn Mower Review

Bad Boy ZT Elite Zero-Turn Mower Review

Bad Boys Mower is very well known for how strong build their mowers have, and how reliable their machines are, So starting with the dimensions of this ZT Elite, we have a weight of 781 Lbs for your 48″ deck, Now, of course, it varies depending on your engine size, as Bad Boys give the option to have the engine of your budget and requirement.

The front tire of the machine is the smooth tread and 13″ tall, whereas the rear tires are turf tread with a height of 22 inches. The maximum speed this mower can run into is 7 miles per hour, which is pretty much good.

If we talk about its engine specification, we have three different engines to choose from. A Kohler 725CC. Kohler 747CC, and a Kawasaki 726CC. Now, it’s obvious the bigger then engine, the bigger the power, and the more the cost. So you should choose it according to lawn size. We have a 90-degree v-twin cylinder and a max torque of 41.3 pounds per foot. Its fuel tank has the capacity to store 6.5 gallons of fuel, it might be important to note, depending on how often you are going to be using this mower.

You get the three different options to chose deck size which is 48″, 54″, and the last is 60″ you can choose whichever you need. You get the cutting height of 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. You get the four anti-scalping wheels 48inches deck. However, in the bigger deck, you get different features. Bad Boys is best known for its durable body, and therefore it also gives you a steel rail backbone that gives it a sturdy look which Bad Boys is especially known for.

It has a soft comfortable seat and has a small little compartment where you can put your phone, wallet, or cup of tea. One thing that many of the customers like about this mower is its adjustable deck dial which is very easy to adjust. You don’t have to get up from your seat, and can adjust it right from where you’re sitting. So with all these advanced features, this mower can be a perfect bet for your commercial lawns.

  • 6.5-Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Advanced Power coating
  • Durable Steel Body
  • V-Twin Cylinder
  • 3 Different Engine Options
  • Anti-scalped Wheels
  • Heat-treated Blades
  • Three Cutting Width
  • It can only go up to 7mph

3. Bad Boy Rebel Mower Reviews

Bad Boy Rebel Mower Reviews

Next, we’re going to give a detailed review of the bad-boy rebel mower. The bad boy just came out with a new line of mowers that extends from the old outlaw. This is one of the most affordable mowers that Bad Boy has. This new line of mower that they just came out with has the same durability that its other mowers have. You’re going to find advanced features and better technology in Bad Boy Rebel.

It comes with a cutting edge technology that gives you precise machines, smooth cutting, and many more features at an affordable cost. It is one of the best mowers on the market and it has a very competitive price point. There’s a hundred and twelve point inspection process before these mowers come out from the manufacturing units.

Now let’s talk about some standard features of this machine. When you buy any mower form Bad Boy, you will notice a sonic orange color. that represents the most sophisticated powder coating in the riding mower industry. Underneath that coating, there’s high gauge steel so you don’t have to worry about the scratches on the body.

On the front body, we have an I-beam with a 1/2inch front steel porch. These are going to be the most heavy-duty front forks in the industry. We have dual deck support isolator with a tough deck where pad this minimizes side damage we also have adjustable footrest this footrest right here actually adjusts forward or backward to fit any sized person also the armrests are adjustable.

A 1/4 inch steel deck with 3/8 inch steel sides a chamber that is designed to allow grass to enter in at a more upright and natural position so whenever you cut the grass you get it even, and smooth cut, and it also allows you to cut on wet dewy morning days. Another standard feature of this mower is that its heavy-duty chute. looking at it and feeling it feels like it’s about half an inch and it has a thick very highly dense rubber so you brush up against something like a tree or maybe a fence you don’t need to worry about this thing.

Like its other products, you also get the option to choose between the different types of engines including a Kohler 27 HP 747 CC engine, Yamaha 27 HP 824 CC engine, Kawasaki 36 HP 852 CC engine, Vanguard 36 HP 993 CC engine, and the Kawasaki 35 HP 999 CC engine these mowers are the first of their kind to have a three-link suspension system so that’s gonna give you a smoother ride with a cleaner cut. So with all these necessary features, this reel mower is recommended for all the professionals or the beginners out there.

  • Fuel-efficient
  • Durable Steel Body
  • Heat-treated Blades
  • More Cutting Width
  • Different Engine Options
  • Sophisticated Powder Coating
  • Comfortable Armrest & Footrest
  • Ride can be affected by bumps.

4. MZ Magnum Zero-Turn Mower

MZ Magnum Zero-Turn Mower

Next, we would be reviewing a bad boy zero turn mower that’s the second in the bad boy line of commercial-grade mowers. In this article, previously we have already gone through the professional-grade mowers including the Rebel, and the Rogue and, will discuss the Renegade next excluding their stand-up mower and their push mower the order of the commercial-grade mowers goes like the MZ, MZ Magnum, the ZT Elite, and the Maverick so next we’ll be going over the MZ Magnum we’re going to start off with some of the specs then we’ll move into the standard features and lastly we’ll do a quick demonstration for you guys so you can have an idea how this mower performs.
Starting with its dimension specifications, this mower weighs around 661 Lbs for the 48-inch deck and 686 pounds for the 54-inch deck we have a height of 42 inches only we have a length of 76 inches higher to tire width of 46 inches so that excludes the deck sizes our front tires are going to be smooth tread 11 inch tires and its rear tires are going to be 18-inch turf tires.

Talking about its engine, when you think about buying this mower, you get the two different options for engine selection which include, Kohler 725 CC, and a Kawasaki 726 CC Engine from which we have a really high torque of 40 pounds per foot. This mower accompanies a 5-gallon fuel tank. It also has a replaceable automotive filter. A dual hydrostatic transmission is there with 7-Inch cooling fans, and easy heat integrated pumps are one of its amazing features.

As I already mentioned, we have a 48/54 Inch deck option. We get the cutting height of around 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches with one-third of an inch of variation between them we have a high lift. It comes with 18 inches of rear tires which give you strength, and a strong grip on the ground. And the comfortable seat with armrest is also built in this mower for the smooth and efficient performance.

  • Gives better performance, and cuts quickly.
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to operate.
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Less Expensive
  • Frequent maintenance is necessary.
  • Front tires can get flat if not kept well-inflated

5. Bad Boy Renegade Review

Bad Boy Renegade Review

In the last, the mower we’re going to review is the world-class zero turn mower Bad-Boy Renegade. It’s no doubt the top-tier of the bad boy mowers and you can just tell by looking at it its size that this massive thing means business.
Now you all already know that Bad boy is a 15-year-old company, and the fastest-growing zero-turn mower company in the market today. They do more to support veterans by hiring them in supporting veteran programs. Their manufacturing facility is located in the United States in Arkansas. The best thing to write over here about Bad Boys is that they go over a 112 point inspection process on all of their mowers, which means, when you get this mower from your dealership it will be a more precise and reliable machine because it’s gone through that tough inspection process to give you the best, and reliable product, and smooth experience without any mechanical fault.

The last thing we would like to tell our audience before we get into the standard features is the optional airless tires that you can get for the Bad-Boy Renegade. This thing is great because if you’re a professional that’s mowing for your living, then you know that sometimes your tires will pop and if you don’t have a good dealer then essentially what that means is you’re out for the day if they’re not willing to give you a replacement mower lend you one so on so forth. This found to give you a very smooth ride. It’s extremely comfortable riding with the airless tires they tend to absorb a little bit more shock than your typical tires instead of bouncing they kind of glide over the string so let’s start with the body in the build of the bad-boy Renegade.

With this mower, we have patented dual deck support Isolators which improves strengths from the side we have a patented front i-beam suspension rail and this is going to be the thickest suspension rail in the industry and this comes on their top tier lowered so we also have a 1.5 inch by three-inch heavy gauge steel rail backbone.

The orange color isn’t just for looks it actually symbolizes the most advanced powder-coating in the industry so you don’t need to worry so much about scratches or dings with this mower. Now, of course, any mower when putting through enough wear and tear is going to get some damage. In the previous article, we wrote about the rubber chute and how thick it is and I got a comment from somebody saying that this thing actually does get torn up over time now that is absolutely true the rubber chute that comes on the bad boy mowers when putting through enough abuse will see some wear and tear we get bad boys in all the time when we come to service them and we see the rubber chute and how its kind of started to get scratched up and torn up now this is an easy part to replace it’s not going to be an issue down the road but this rubber chute will definitely hold up longer than other mowers.

There are no flat front tires, and to be the most significant thing about these mowers is the patented three-link suspension system. Now this is a patented technology and no other mower on the market has it, but the Bad boys. So with all these advanced features, this zero-turn riding mower by Bad Boy can be your best bet if you are a professional and have to mow large yards.

  • Durable Steel Body
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Powerful Engine (Different Options)
  • I-beam Suspension Rail
  • Premium powered-coating
  • Patented Technology
  • Airless tires (Optional)
  • Maintenance is necessary.
  • Frequent gas tune-ups required.


In this article, we have given you a brief review of five of the best selling Bad Boy mower reviews. They are widely known in the market for their durable and solid build bodies with powerful and efficient performance. But if you are going to invest in a zero turn mower, you can also check the other gems from this company as they all have advance features and latest technology, that not many companies are manufacturing.

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