Atlanta is a city in Georgia where you can experience hot and humid summers but droughts are less likely to occur. Sometimes droughts are a regular thing when the weather becomes extremely hot.

Tolerance Of Atlanta Sod Grass According To Seasons

You find that many of the variety of Atlanta Sod grass is available at companies that have a good to excellent resistance to droughts. But sometimes this resistance fails when the lawn is not properly maintained.

Summer Season Sod Grass

The sod grass that is for the summer season have a great tolerance level to drought and can go very well during the dearth season. So if you are willing to plant sod in the area where summers are extreme then the following sod grasses can be chosen. 

St. Augustine Sod Grass

It is a grass that has a deep green color also it has a good tolerance level for heat as well as shades. It can endure the drought season well once it has fully grown.

Variety Of Zoysia Sods

As many of the kinds of Zoysia sods are slow growers so maintenance during the drought season is easy. It stays well in the shade and also in the hot sun.

Centipede Sod

This is another Atlanta Sod in Atlanta that has a very slow growth rate. The land where frequent drought is experienced; this sod grass works the best one it is fully established.

Cool Seasons Sod Grass

In the Atlanta area, there is only one winter season sod grass that can do well in the drought period of winters and transition zones of Georgia State.

Tall Fescue Sod Grass

The Tall Fescue sod that you are thinking of ordering from suppliers including Atlanta Sod Farms is a strong sod grass. This grass is best for the northern part of Georgia but it becomes dormant in dry weather but it doesn’t mean that it is bad; it just sleeps through the dry weather.

What To Do About Drought Affecting The Sod?

Several circumstances can develop when the drought-tolerant grass can become extremely affected by the drought season. The main reason for the grass being affected by drought is not maintaining it properly.

Keep In Mind The Climate Of Atlanta 

The climate of Atlanta is the same every year; where you can experience extremely hot summers and winters are mild. Snowfall is very rare so the sod grass has to be chosen that can resist both climates.

Always Check Condition Of Soil

The top-soil of the ground where the sod has to be laid should be of good quality. The proper laying of the sod grass also results in good tolerance to the drought.

The Mower Is Functioning Properly

The proper running of the mower means that the sod grass will go very well in the drought.

The Blades Of the Mower Are Sharp

 The blades of the mowers have to be sharp because at times the grass stays well in drought but when mowing is done with dull blades then complications develop.

System Of Irrigation During Drought

As rain is very little during droughts proper irrigation system for the Atlanta Sod has to be set-up; so that the grass gets water on the recommended time.

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